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2021 Church Camp

Fri 12 - Sun 14 March 2021

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Barney Zwartz is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity, based in Melbourne.
He wrote for The Age for 32 years, the last 12 as Religion Editor.
He also serves as media advisor to the Anglican Primate, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier.
He speaks often on faith and secularism, the media, and music.

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(by Thursday 25th February 2021 please)

1) You can use the new on-line form here (preferred method).
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3) Or if you don't have an email address or would prefer then you can use the paper form available at church.

Camp is like this...

(From Camp Wilkin: 'High Ropes' is for Year 7 and above, max 24 participants. 'Low Ropes' is all ages, max 24. 'Flying Fox' is for Primary school age only, max 20.)

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Session Talks for 2020 Camp by Will Orpwood - People of Promise

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