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Life with Christ

The opportunity to consider Jesus Christ and why he matters to us is an opportunity that some of us have never really had. And how important it is for each of us to really consider this great Saviour! See more...


For couples looking to grow

Returning to St. John's this August-September, the Marriage course is for couples who are looking to invest in their relationship... More


Come and See!

We're so glad to be in and using our new marvellous facilities, and we invite you to come and have a look yourself...



Getting close now

All our building work is soon to be complete. We're now less than 2 weeks away from returning. Today's work sees the installation of our new entry canopy. More...


Kids Club Holiday Program coming...

Holiday fun, excitement, entertainment and discovery for primary aged kids returns to St. John's these holidays, this year wtih a piratey theme.  More info, including Registration here...


A sneak peek inside our almost-complete new buildings

Recently we got to take a quick walk through the rapidly assembling new buildings. You can see whta its looking like in the short video we took...more...


The full set of new building modules are now installed!

The huge work crew made short work of final module installations this morning, completing the set by 11am! see photos


Peter Jensen visiting this Sunday

This Sunday is a great day to come church as we welcome Peter Jensen: Having taught the Bible for a lifetime, Peter has the rare combination of wisdom and insight as well as all the joy and personal warmth of a man who knows the love of God... see more



Site Preparations are coming along

Four weeks after the demolition and site clean-up we're really close to having the site prepared to receive the new Pre-built buildings next week! see more...



Going, going, gone!

The demolition team are amazingly(!) almost finished their work. see more...


Sundays at Christian College Chapel

Beginning this Sunday, 8th March, we're relocating our regular Sunday services just up the road and around the corner. Christian College are very generously hosting us...more


Share your faith

Which year isn't a good year for a church to be working on sharing our faith in Jesus with those we know and love? This year we're making a concentrated effort...More


Watercooler Witness

98% of church members spend 95% of their time outside the church: what a massive mission field to engage! Earlier this week we were able to take up a last minute opportunity to have Ken Barnes and Kara Martin come, challenge and encourage us to share our faith in public places... more


Sweet Dinner!

Last night a number of us enjoyed a dinner of sweet pancakes, fun and something of substance too. Read on..


Making sense of suffering

‘The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised’(Job 1:21). Of all the tensions and troubles we have concerning the presence of evil and our experience of suffering, none is greater than the issue of God’s justice: How can God really be good when he oversees and permits evil and suffering?

The book of Job tackles some of the most pressing and perplexing issues of all of life, bringing us face to face with the reality of suffering... MORE



More than conquerors

This well-known and often-cited phrase comes at the conclusion of one of the grandest chapters of arguably Paul’s grandest epistle. And what an astonishing point to reach! “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors.” (Romans 8:37)  MORE...